Open Pores & Shiny Skin? Here Are 4 Ideas to Get Rid of Them

Although large skin pores don’t look good, they are easy to deal with. Indeed, it’s not the end of the world. Therefore, if you want to make your complexion look flawless and fresh, learn best home remedies to handle excess sebum and close the pores. Once you reduce them, your skin will look gorgeous.

What skin types are most prone to open pores?

Open pores are common for oily and acne-prone skin. Still, there is a huge number of people who complain about large skin pores even though their skin is combination. When it comes to excess sebum, it may happen when you apply some dehydrating skin care products. Actually, overproduction of oil is pretty logical because this is how skin wants to make up for the moisture loss and restore its protective coating. In winter, even normal skin may feature open pores. Why is that? Simply put, normal skin has to shield itself from urban pollution and toxins, and this leads to enlarging the pores making them visible. Knowing the most common causes of oily skin and open pores, it’s time to focus on the solutions that can help you restore the smoothness to your skin.

TIP 1. How to reduce the appearance of large pores: Deep skin cleansing

The core of skin care is deep cleansing. This treatment is recommended especially to the skin with large pores. Owing to regular skin cleansing, you prevent the impurities from gathering on your skin’s surface. Therefore, keep washing your face morning and evening. Obviously, you don’t have to reach for strong alcohol-based cleansers. You’ll be perfectly fine using regular foam cleansers.

Another good idea would be to make use of vegetable oils. Check on the Internet what OCM is and how to use this treatment to get perfectly clean complexion. If your skin is acne-prone, make sure that the cleanser you use is also antibacterial.

TIP 2. How to reduce the appearance of large pores: The right face cream

Finding the right cream that satisfies your skin needs is a must. If your skin is oily and if its pores are easily clogged, you should throw away all heavy and thick creams. Such products would cause even more problems with the skin. Also, try to match some vegetable oils to your complexion and use them on a daily basis. What oils should you start with? Try hemp oil, tamanu oil and jojoba oil.

If you shouldn’t use heavy creams, then what is the perfect choice for you? Definitely, you should give gel-creams a try. Such skin care products are well-tolerated by oily and combination skin, meaning that skin absorbs such formulas way faster. Moreover, gel-creams don’t clog skin pores which is another advantage to mention. There is just one piece of information that is worth bearing in mind: you must be sure that the gel-cream you choose delivers moisture to your skin.

TIP 3. How to reduce the appearance of large pores: Regular application of a facial scrub

Facial scrubs make one of the finest treatments for oily and combination skins. Not only are they able to clear dead skin cells away but also they keep you away from blackheads and pimples. Owing to facial scrubs, you reveal smoother skin, the sebum production is limited and the epidermis is thinner – all of this ensures less contaminated face skin.

If your face is oily, you can reach for a scrub containing coarse abrasive particles. You can apply it even twice a week. When it comes to dry and sensitive skin, you should treat it with enzymatic peel since it’s way gentler with skin and can be used once a week. Visiting a beautician once in a while to get microdermabrasion treatment done is also a good idea.

TIP 4. How to reduce the appearance of large pores: Facial masks

Facial masks should always follow a facial scrub, no doubts about it. Use the masks that will give you the effect of tight skin. Such products should also leave your face less oily. Naturally, if you aren’t a fan of the drugstore facial masks, you can prepare one at home.

For example, you can apply a grated potato (remove the excess juice first) or egg white (whip it first). Cucumber makes another great idea: grate it and let it sit on the cleansed face for 15 minutes. You can also wipe your skin with cucumber juice for the extra refreshing feeling. Finally, all clay masks are also useful. For oily skin, reach for green clay, whereas sensitive and normal skin can be treated with white clay. Mix them with fresh tap water or floral water to obtain paste. Apply to the face and remove after 10 minutes.

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