How to conquer discolourations?

Indeed, autumn is the perfect season for removing acne marks, sun-induced pigmentation marks and other skin imperfections.

Clinique Even Better ClinicalSkin requires immediate healing the moment summer is finally over. The truth is, hyper-pigmentation marks that come into being due to solar radiation do not look charming. The attractiveness of a face is also lowered by acne marks and sometimes even by freckles. These are mainly tiny spots that are darker than face skin tone. Such marks are the result of accumulation of too much substances responsible for producing melanin – natural pigments of skin. Usually, they form various shapes, from small and barely visible to rather large, round of unevenly ragged edges. Too long exposure to the sun and UV radiation combined with hormonal disorders (caused, for example, by pregnancy, menopause or menstruation cycle) or medicine taking contribute to development of the above-mentioned skin imperfections.

How to deal with discolourations on face skin? How to make skin tone look even again? One of the most reasonable solutions that enables us to conquer this troublesome problem is highlighting treatment. And while mentioning the term ‘highlighting’ what probably comes to your mind is laser therapy or other more or less invasive treatments of aesthetic medicine. Luckily enough, all drugstores across the country offer cosmetics that will help you with removing the discolourations. One of them is Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector. What is extremely important, the product was proven safe and effective. What is more, the first effects are noticeable after fourth week of regular use. The ultimate results are obtained somewhere around twelve weeks of systematic application. In order to obtain desired results Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector has to be applied twice a day, morning and evening. The cosmetic can be distributed on face, cleavage, neck and hands.

Clinique product contains well-known ingredients. They help with eliminating discolourations, acne marks and sun-induced pigmentation marks caused by long exposure to the sun. The very substances are salicylic acid (eliminating dead epidermis cells and cleansing skin), C vitamin derivative which has highlighting features, as well as yeast extract (yeast is used as an ingredient for homemade face masks).

One crucial thing that should be mentioned, sun protection is fairly important while conducting Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector beautifying treatment.With this in mind, it is suggested applying a sunscreen with at least 15 sun protection filter included.

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