Essential part of every skincare routine – skin toning lotions and herbal waters

Using skin toners is one of the most important steps in daily skin cleansing. Actually, this is an obligatory step that when ignored it has disastrous consequences to the skin’s appearance. Why skipping a skin toner makes a really bad idea? Simply speaking, this product – as the only one – is responsible for balancing the skin’s pH levels. Why does it matter? When too acidic or alkaline, skin becomes covered with blemishes and imperfections.

Why is wiping skin with toners important?

Skin toners deal with acidic and/or alkaline pH of skin. Using other words, skin toners restore skin’s pH balance. This skincare product also removes impurities and leaves the skin hydrated. While choosing the right toner for yourself, make sure that it is designed for your skin type and doesn’t contain alcohols. Otherwise, you may get the effect that is different from what you expected to achieve – the skin may get even more dehydrated. If you want to give your skin a bigger portion of hydration, try using a herbal distillate, better known as herbal water or floral water. Sometimes you can swap a skin toner for herbal water since it can help your skin restore pH balance too. Last but not least, damp skin absorbs more nutrients from the skincare products you treat it with.

What are herbal distillates?

Herbal distillates have a few alternative names like floral waters or herbal waters. Such all-natural skincare products are obtained during steaming. This is why herbal distillate shares the same properties and benefits with the herbs and plants it was extracted from. A few years back it was pretty hard to find a herbal distillate in a regular drugstore. Nowadays, however, such natural skincare products are widely-available, which is owed to their huge popularity that in fact is constantly growing.

What makes herbal distillates a good alternative to skin toners?

Firstly, herbal distillates can be applied directly to the skin, which means that you don’t have to combine it with other products to enjoy their benefits. Secondly, since herbal waters are super gentle, you can use them even to treat delicate eye skin. They don’t cause any irritations whatsoever mainly because they are free from synthetic substances. Thirdly, herbal waters are easy and safe to use – they can be applied to skin at all ages. Finally, if you want to customize your daily skincare routine, you can mix a few herbal waters together.

How to choose the right herbal distillate for yourself?

Always check the list of ingredients. The best herbal distillates are made of only one ingredient – the water obtained from a particular plant or herb. However, since they spoil pretty fast, some producers are forced to combine their herbal waters with some preservatives, just to extend the shelf-life of their distillates. Therefore, always check if the preservative added is a mild one. Sadly, it’s easy to come across products that are just scented water – you shouldn’t apply them to the skin.

How to boost your favorite herbal water?

Try adding some active water-soluble ingredients. In this way you will be able to create your own skin toner, or just a herbal essence to be used after the skin toner of your choice. It’s also a good thing to combine a herbal water with vitamin B3, other plant extracts, panthenol, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, collagen and plant-based proteins.

How to use skin toners and herbal distillates?

These products are super easy to use. You just have to take a cotton pad and pour some skin toner/herbal water onto it. Now use the damp cotton pad to wipe your face with it. This will help you get rid of grime and dirt, which is especially beneficial in the morning – both products can work as a replacement for regular skin cleansing foams.


Keeping skin’s pH levels balanced is more important that we may think it is. Without it, skin isn’t able to carry out its self-healing processes. It’s also worth realizing that skin toners improve absorption abilities of the skin. Therefore it’s important to wipe the face with a toner before applying a face cream. Last but definitely not least, you have to apply skin toner on a perfectly clean face.

Herbal distillate is a gentler form of skin toner. Once you go for all-natural skincare products, soon you will be able to notice how flawless your complexion is. There are no limitations when it comes to the number of times you can use herbal water per day. Actually you can apply it every time your skin needs some soothing and freshening up.

You have to use skin toners if you want to enjoy youthful-looking and beautiful complexion. There is no other product that is able to balance your skin’s pH so well as skin toner.

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