Oleo Rich by Syoss for dry hair

Oleo Rich SyossDry Hair – Reasons

There are plenty of reasons why hair gets dehydrated. Hair becomes dry because it lacks of appropriate amount of water. This deteriorated condition is due to exposing strands to harmful external factors. This state of hair might be connected with improper flow of water, sebum and nourishing substances inside the strands. The above-mentioned external factors include, hairdresser’s treatments, air and water pollution as well as our lifestyle. What is more, rapid temperature fluctuations, air conditioning and fumes make hair weakened and, as a consequence, dehydrated. Similar adverse effect is produced by too frequent hair dyeing, perm as well as overuse of hairsetting devices (a hair curler, a blow-dryer, a hair straightener). Additionally, dry hair is also a result of unhealthy diet, alcohol consumption ans cigarette smoking. Application of cosmetics that do not correspond with our hair and scalp needs depress condition of strands as well. It is also worth being aware of the fact that, the state of our hair is mainly determined by our genes.

In short, dry hair is easy to break, is thin and hard to manage. Strands are frizzy and get static easily. Proper care equals moisturization (without weighting hair down), trimming and limiting hairdresser’s treatments that tend to make hair much more feeble.

Oleo Rich cosmetics

Syoss decided to lend a helping hand to super dry hair – the brand launched two cosmetics: a conditioner and a shampoo. Both products contain keratin, lipids, proteins and oils. The very substances take care of dehydrated hair. The products smooth hair structure, moisturise and nourish strands. What is more, the cosmetics by Syoss prevent frizz, split ends, and dehydration. Moreover, the products facilitate combing and gift hair with gloss. Oleo Rich are closed in big tubes containing 250 ml of the life saving cosmetics. The shampoo softens scalp and hair as it cleanses strands. Oleo Rich conditioner enhances action of the shampoo.

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