Make your hair stronger dur to Revalid

Is your hair damaged and dry? Does it fall out in huge quantities? Do not worry any longer, there is a solution to this problem. Give a try to Revalid cosmetics.

REVALID_PRODUCTSDamaged Hair – Why?!

The reasons why hair gets damaged are just countless. The most common ones are improper hair styling, back-combing, frequent dyeing, perm, high temperature (blow-drying, strengthening, curling), air pollution, cigarette smoking, stress, chemotherapy, communicable and systemic diseases, intake of some medications, scalp ailments, menopause, unhealthy diet, lack of vitamins and microelements, temperature fluctuations and hormonal disorders – to name just a few.

Revalid for damaged hair

Revalid cosmetic set is composed of capsules, a shampoo, a toner, a conditioner and a regenerating and nourishing treatment. If your hair is damaged, then you should equip yourself with all the products from Revalid set. In a case, you would like to strengthen your hair a little bit, slightly improve its condition, you can apply just one product from Revalid collection, like for example the capsules only. They contain amino-acids, microelements (iron, copper and zinc) as well as vitamins (B1 and B6). What is more, the capsules do not only influence condition of hair but also affect fingernails. The only contraindications are allergic reactions caused by the substances included into the composition of the capsules and being under 12. The directions for use and other essential information can be found in the enclosed leaflet.

Revalid shampoo is recommended for dry and damaged hair and can be applied by women and men equally. It cleanses both scalp and hair effectively. What is more, the cosmetic makes hair soft, smooth and easy manageable again. Allantoin, that is included into the composition of the shampoo, relieves scalp inflammations and irritations. The shampoo goes with the conditioner containing wheat extracts and amino-acids. The conditioner can be delicately massaged into scalp which is untypical of this kind of products. This Revalid cosmetic makes hair more springy and easy to comb. It is recommended for all hair types.

Actually, a toner is associated mainly with face skin care. However, Revalid designed a toner that prevents hair loss, oxygenates and nourishes hair. Owning to caffeine, the toner is able to strengthen the strands. All the above-mentioned cosmetics by Revalid have nourishing and regenerating features. Thanks to panthenols, amino-acids as well as wheat and oat extracts, the products strengthen weakened hair and prevents split ends.

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