HIT! Derma Roll

Derma Roller is a real hit in the field of face, body and scalp skin care. Keep reading the article to learn what is so exceptional about this inconspicuous device.

Derma RollWhat is Derma Roller?

Derma Roller is a bristling with needles roll. It is designed to combat wrinkles, brighten up discolourations, improve skin tautening, reduce cellulite and to stimulate hair growth. The device has either one (for face) or two (for body) heads covered with needles of various lengths. Their sizes variy accordingly to skin needs and number of treatments a patient has undergone. The tiniest needles have 0,2 mm whereas the biggest more than 0,5 mm. What is more, the needles must be made of surgical steel and be coated with gold. The standard number of needles in one head equals 540.

How to use Derma Roll?

First of all, Derma Roll work should be accompanied by cosmetics that will support the ongoing treatment. It is also crucial to equip oneself with a disinfecting liquid. It is highly suggested that, every single procedure should be preceded by precise face and Derma Roll disinfection. Spray the device’s head with the liquid and when it gets air-dried rinse it using boiled water (its temperature cannot be higher than 70 degrees Centigrade) and again let it dry. Now, apply a cosmetic which has to be used before conducting Derma Roll treatment on face. Let it get absorbed and remove the excess of it with a cotton pad. Next, pat a cosmetic that has to be used during the treatment. How to use the Roll? If it is your first session with Derma Roll, use a head with small needles. Remember also not to press the device too hard against your skin – in this way you could expose your delicate face to irritations. When everything is set, begin ‘rolling’ your face starting from cheeks, nose and end at chin. Treat each face part with several vertical, horizontal and diagonal movements. When the treatment is over, coat your face with either a moisturizing or an soothing cosmetic.

There is just one more thing to mention. Derma Roll can be used by everyone except people suffering from allergic skin lesions and skin inflammation – these are the only contraindications that should be taken into consideration while deciding on Derma Roll treatment.

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