No cuts, no dry skin. How to shave with a razor?

Every woman knows how difficult it is to remove hair with a razor without irritating skin. Cuts, scratches and dryness are the biggest gripes. Find out how to deal with them and get your skin well-prepared for shaving. This isn’t that difficult!

How often have you ended up with shaving cuts on your legs and reddened armpit skin? We’re sure that it’s happened too many times! Using a razor to remove unwanted hair is one of the most common ways for smooth skin, even though it is the most difficult one and leaves us with irritations. It’s time to change this and learn how to get a close shave without irritation. You can do it, but you need to learn a few key rules first.

A good razor blade is the must

And it’s not about the brands, model or even the number of blades. A good razor is a sharp razor. Not without a reason disposable razors shouldn’t be used more than once – their blades aren’t adapted for being used a few times because they get blunt quickly. And a blunt razor equals irritation because it isn’t able to cut the hair, so you need to glide it along the skin many times, pressing harder thus removing the upper epidermis. The success is guaranteed only if you grab the right tools, which in this case is a razor with sharp blades.

Prepare your skin for shaving. How to do it?

Another issue concerns making skin ready for removing unwanted hair. You can do it in plenty of ways, but it’s worth knowing that you should do it. Gliding a razor along dry, dull and rough skin is the biggest mistake. Why? Because such skin is prone to irritations. What should you do to avoid that? Preparing skin for shaving includes the following:

  • drinking at least 1.5 liter of water a day
  • application of moisturizing balms after every bathing/showering
  • scrubbing your body on a regular basis
  • applying cosmetic oils

Using just a razor is not enough!

Even if moisturized and nourished, skin may get irritated after shaving if you don’t use anything else except the blades to remove the hair from your body. It’s not the best idea, especially that shops offer various shaving creams that make the blades glide smoother to cut the hair without cutting the skin. If you don’t have any shaving cream close at hand, you can make use of other products for reducing razor burn. For example, you can use a hair conditioner or cosmetic oil which has a similar effect to the shaving cream. What’s the most important is to make sure that the blade glides smoothly along soft skin – this is how you stay clear of any skin irritations.

Important: Safety razor shaving technique

It’s common that skin irritations caused by shaving are the nasty consequences of unskillful razor use. We tend to do it too quickly using the wrong angle, and this is how the cuts and irritations are created. What should you remember the next time you shave?

  1. Move the razor against the hair grain because this will give you the best results.
  2. You shouldn’t put the razor straight at a 90 degree angle to skin.
  3. There shouldn’t be much pressure between the skin and razor.
  4. Move the razor with a gentle and slow motion.
  5. It’s better to glide the razor slowly once than using a few quick chaotic motions.

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