Moisturizing cream for winter from Nivea

Winter is just around the corner. Even the thought of low temperatures, biting frost and crunching snow gives us the shivers. The situation gets even worse when we add frozen cheeks and chapped lips. How to cope with this troublesome situation? The answer is simple! Miniaturization, miniaturization and once again miniaturization.

The most vulnerable to winter weather is dry, sensitive, irritated and dehydrated skin. Longer exposure to low temperatures results in itchy and stinging sensation. What is more, it is fairly typical for these types of skin to become covered with with broken capillaries, blushers and frostbites. In fact, exposure to negative temperatures is not the only one factor that can lead to development of the above-mentioned symptoms. We tend to turn on air conditioners, both in home and car, radiators as we use other devices generating heat. Unfortunately, hot air has rather negative impact on our skin. It simply dehydrates and irritates our delicate face epidermis.

Moisturizing cream for winter from NiveaOne of the solutions for our winter malady is Nivea cream – the product recommended for skin moisturization. Such a product nourishes and takes care of irritated skin. It is fast to get absorbed, which is why, it does not leave any smudges or oily layer on skin’s surface. Instead, it gifts skin with freshness. It is not a coincidence that the cream carries the very name it does – Nivea. The word derives from Latin ‘niveus’ which means more or less ‘snow white’. And this is the only colour that is associated with purity, freshness and delicacy.

The moisturizing cosmetic Nivea Creme’s composition is enriched with special substances that are responsible for protecting skin against negative temperatures. One of these special ingredients is called eucerit and, what is interesting, is extracted naturally during sheep wool purification process. Additionally, the cream does not contain preservatives, neither causes allergic reactions nor irritates.

Nivea Creme is packed in a highly characteristic, round, blue box. The product is available in several capacity versions. The smallest Nivea Creme can be kept in every purse since it does not occupy much space. When it comes to the biggest package, it can be stored on a bathroom’s shelve.

In order to protect skin from cold, it is suggested using the oily version of the cosmetic. Actually, it is extremely crucial to apply the product the right way. Put on a thick layer of the product on face and then pat it using the fingertips. Let the cosmetic get absorbed completely. Now, you are ready to go! No blizzards will do your skin any harm.

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