How to obtain false eyelash effect?

There are a few techniques for obtaining false eyelash effect. Which will appear to be your favourite one? Keep reading to find out!

How to obtain false eyelash effectThe most popular method is simply application of fake eyelashes. Basically, they have two forms: stripes or individual lashes. Such a beautifying treatment is performed in a beauty salon. Unfortunately, a single session, conducted by a professional beautician, requires from us to devote quite a lot of money and time. Unskilful application of fake eyelashes might generate fatal outcomes. The false eyelashes might simply fall out together with the natural ones leaving our eyelids naked.

Some tricks applied by make-up artists may facilitate you obtaining false eyelash effect. For example, you can use an eyelash curler to curl the lashes. In order to make the effect last longer, you can heat up the curler with a blow-dryer or simply buy the electrical device. Mind you, makeup removal brings eyelashes to their former, natural look.

What is more, coating eyelashes with a thickening mascara might also produce the looked-for effect of false eyelashes. Two or three layers of this colour cosmetic will enhance the effect of bold lashes. The issue in here is to find the right mascara. The one that will neither clump eyelashes together nor leave small black lumps on them.

There are yet another cosmetics worth mentioning that are similar to mascaras in terms of application and appearance. These are eyelash serums, like for example Nanolash. The thing that differentiates these products are the properties. Eyelash serums are to stimulate eyelash growth, make lashes thicker and darker. In general, their aim is to produce natural outcomes in a form of long and dense eyelashes.

Another clever trick to learn right on is application of an eyeliner along upper eyelash root line. And what to do when we do not have time to put on such cosmetics? Luckily enough, permanent makeup is in almost each beauty salons’ offer. In short, this procedure depends on drawing, or to be more precise tattooing, a line on upper eyelids. The treatment is rather painful and costly. What is more, eye skin area may remain reddened for quite a time.

One of the natural ways for obtaining false eyelash effect is application of castor oil. The truth is, castor oil’s properties was already known by our grandmothers. The product strengthens, moisturises and nourishes eyelashes. Its great asset to mention is that castor oil is cheap and easy-available at almost every chemist’s. Nevertheless, there are women who were negatively affected by this natural product. Instead of desired results, castor oil produced only adverse outcomes. It is reported that eyelashes kept falling out while coating them with a mascara.

As you can see, there are plenty of techniques which enable you to obtain false eyelash effect. Some are time-consuming and costly whereas others rather permanent and natural. Which one will suit you most?

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