How to coat lashes with a mascara?

How to coat lashes with a mascaraEach of us dream about having marvelous eyelashes. Many thousands of mascaras sold every single day is one of the evidence that supports this thesis. Nevertheless, it is worth being aware of the fact that even having the most expensive and the best possible colour cosmetic available on the market does not guarantee obtaining the most exceptional look. In order to make eyelashes look stunning, we simply need to have this particular skill of coating lashes with a mascara. If it is not for the very skill, even the highest-quality mascara will be completely useless.

Actually, the most crucial is to coat all lashes evenly. Regardless of the fact whether our eyelashes are dense or not, we should start the procedure from the very roots. The brush has to be pressed to eyelashes, just to make sure that all the hairs of eyelids are equally arranged among the bristle. This facilitates even coating. At the beginning, we have to put the brush into zig-zag motion to make the coat more precise. Then, without putting the applicator inside the bottle, we brush the eyelashes with straight movements starting from the root line and wielding the applicator up to the tips.

If you would like to obtain effect of delicately curled eyelashes, you have to rotate the applicator while brushing the eyelashes. If your lashes are exceptionally thin and you would like to make them thicker, then the second coat of mascara should be applied right before the first one manages to dry. For the professional curl, it is advised to use a heated eyelash curler. It is important though, to take special care if the eyelashes are already coated with mascara. If we do this unskillfully, then we can even break the eyelashes. Another important issue to mention – unfortunately, many women overdo with mascaraing. And all they obtain is fairly unaesthetic eyelash thickening. Having this in mind, let us use mascara wisely.

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