N like Nanobrow, that is No. 1 among top eyebrow growth serums for the most demanding customers

Very few products deserve to be labelled the best: only thought-through, effective and highly-recommended ones. And that’s what Nanobrow Eyebrow Serum is like. The product which has turned around the eyebrows of thousands of women worldwide. Now, you can make over your brow look too!

Eyebrow care is a topic we are just starting to explore. Until recently, no one seemed to care much about the looks of the brows, let alone their condition… Nowadays, eyebrow definition is an essential element of every make-up. That’s the very reason why we like to reach for eyebrow care products to strengthen them, repair and add volume.


Are you sure you know exactly how to care for your eyebrow arch?

Most of all, do it on a daily basis. Using eyebrow care products off and on won’t bring any effects. The first ad prior rule says that you must care for your brows systematically. It’s a good habit you should get into.

The way you care for your eyebrows is equally crucial. Let’s make conscious choices when it comes to products and methods. For instance, if you only want to nourish the brows and increase shine, castor oil will do.

If you’ve got bigger problems (sparse and thinning brows), you need a strongly-working eyebrow serum. Pay attention to the choice of the right product: the best serums are made of natural ingredients which repair, stimulate growth and protect.

Another thing to remember is everyday care. Giving them a brush is likely to accelerate growth whereas ill-matched make-up products, expired cosmetics or ones having awful ingredients are going to keep brows from (re)growing.


Do you know the name of the best brow growth serum?

A good product must have a good list of components. Nanobrow serum is filled up with plant extracts, vitamins and ingredients that enhance natural growth: baicalein, arginine, panthenol, extracts of soybean, wheat and ginseng. No parabens, fragrances, colorants, silicones and potential irritants.

All the marvelous ingredients come in a fancy bottle with a precise applicator. If you’re big on cosmetics that look lovely and have been made with careful attention to detail, Nanobrow is right for you.

This serum has a great advantage: apart from excellent ingredients, its the weighless formula which is absorbed very well, not leaving tacky film and not dripping down. Thanks to that, you can use Nanobrow in the evening before falling asleep; you don’t need to wait long until it’s absorbed, after a few seconds you can fall asleep and let the whole repair process begin.

Nanobrow is best for one more reason – it does give amazing effects. It’s confirmed by thousands of positive opinions and reviews of all those who gave the serum a try.


What’s the must-know info on the treatment?

While shopping for a brow serum, we want (fast) results. Nanobrow tops all competitors because it gives great effect, which you see after approx. 2-3 weeks.

Regular application of Nanobrow:

  • strengthens eyebrows and repairs hair follicles
  • prevents brow thinning
  • darkens and gives a healthy shine
  • stimulates growth of new eyebrows
  • thickens eyebrows for nice definition
  • boosts the looks of brows

The most interesting thing is Nanobrow works differently on every user. Still, it doesn’t mean it’s ineffective! It’s a product tailored to your needs: if eyebrows are weak and thinning, it strengthens them; if you’ve over-plucked them, the serum will trigger growth and thicken them; if your eyebrows look dull, the treatment upgrades their color and shine.

Use Nanobrow and you’ll immediately feel on your own skin (and eyebrows) that it really is the best eyebrow serum!

21 Comments “N like Nanobrow, that is No. 1 among top eyebrow growth serums for the most demanding customers”

  1. Alexia Hughes

    There’re 5 reasons why it’s THE BEST: natural ingredients, mind-blowing fomula, great applicator, easy application and 100% effectiveness!

  2. Raelyn

    Is the improved thickness owed to the dark color? Or does it actually grow you more brows?

  3. ismena n.

    I can’t recommend it enough :)))

  4. Monica_Mon

    To me, this is the best serum in terms of the results it gives you because it makes the brow follicles stronger, you can see that less of the hair falls out and there’s more of the hair in general. That’s why girls say this serum improves thickness because it truly makes your eyebrows fuller. I’ve been using it for 2 mths now and I love it 🙂

  5. blue_almonds

    … is ricin bad now? not enough? haha i’m just kidding, it’s obvious that ricin doesn’t work! i like the fact that there are more and more genuine brow and lash enhancers being launched

  6. duck_duck_goose

    Okay, you talked me into ordering it. I applied it the first time yesterday and the first impression is good: lightweight, penetrates fast, doesn’t get into eyes and seems to be pretty efficient 🙂

  7. what-will-i-say-today

    Some time ago I wrote a post on eyebrow serums on my blog. Now I know that this article needs an update. I definately have to add Nanobrow because it has extraordinary INCI and all the reviews and feedback indicate that this brow serum is effective.

  8. froglet

    i used to apply castor oil but it was like beating the air. eventually i gave up on it once i saw that this eyebrow serum had been available – it has natural ingredients and works the way it should

  9. Evella

    When it comes to beauty products, I’d call myself pretty strict and picky. First I always read a lot about a particular cosmetic, just to be sure that I really want and need it. When it comes to Nanobrow, the choice was simple: Nanobrow seems to be unrivelled and the ingredients are amazing!

  10. Dudette123

    A little bit of patience and persistance and even hard-nosed eyebrows (like mine) grow back when treated with nanobrow! <3

  11. Miss_Myers

    It makes eybrows INCREDIBLY full-looking! Raveeee!

  12. Smurfette

    What’s the amount for nanobrow we’re talking about?

    • old_bag1981

      You won’t be in red, trust me 🙂 some people spend five times more on cancer sticks per month

  13. nordix

    I was looking for an eyebrow serum that would offer good composition and as far as I’m concerned this one is the best! <3

  14. ginger_bread_woman

    This is a cost-effective cosmetic. Honestly, I’d pay even twice as much for this quality. Heh, still it’d be cheaper than Revitabrow.

  15. Just Me

    Awesome enhancer! In less than a month Nanobrow saved my eyebrows from misery. They grew back strong and thick, no sparse spots. I find it highly effective and the price is fair when compared to the effects it creates.

  16. eerie

    WOAH! Best gift ever!

  17. me-lovely

    cool bananas! I like this novelity! I think I should get it for myslef for christmas. It will help me stick to my New Year’s resolution: use it every day to grow picture-perfect eyebrows 🙂

  18. Eve91

    I’ve been using Nanobrow for no longer than a week. Perhaps it’s just a placebo effect but it seems that the color of my brows is somehow deeper…

  19. Michaella

    you’re placebo!! I took 2 weeks for my barely-there brows to grow new so it’s posisble

  20. Me&I

    I used to believe that castor oil would give me Frida-like eyebrows…


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