Face Imperfections Despite the Efforts? You Probably Make These Mistakes!

We all make mistakes, some are big, some are small. We are usually unaware of the ones we make during the daily skin care. It’s a pity because they affect the appearance of the skin. So, if despite the top-notch products, your skin is still covered by blemishes, make sure you don’t make any of these popular skin-care mistakes.


1. You use hot water and soap for washing the face.

You should use cleansers designed for face care. Why? They have the proper pH so they don’t dry out the skin like regular soaps. Our skin is slightly acidic while soaps are alkaline – this isn’t a good match.

Hot water doesn’t benefit the skin either. Even though warm water is better for removing the grease, it speeds up the loss of water, opens the pores and stimulates the sebum glands. Oily skin is the effect you get. For a face wash, use cold or lukewarm water.

2. You downplay the sun protection.

The sun is another enemy of the skin. Without doubts UV radiation destroys the skin making it age quicker. You can save yourself from the wrinkles, sun spots and sun-damaged skin by using sun protection like pure oils, sunblock, face mists or serum e.g. rich in vitamin C – a natural ingredient protecting against the bad effect of the sun exposure. This small change gives you plenty of benefits.

3. You notoriously touch the face and pop pimples.

This surely has nothing to do with care – if you keep touching the face, you make it worse. The hands make up a “rich” source of bacteria and dirt because we use them all the time and then easily move the bacteria onto the face. That is why it’s important we don’t touch the face and, above all else, don’t pop the pimples because popping triggers the inflammation, making acne skin worse instead of fixing it.

4. You don’t use hydrating products.

People tend to focus on a problem – such as acne, wrinkles or dark spots – and forget the basics. The basic step involves moisturizing the skin. You can use a moisturizer in combination with oils, masks, mists or serum featuring hyaluronic acid (the strongest humectant).

You can’t forget that hydrating products aren’t sufficient and you need to drink enough water, at least two liters a day is the amount that guarantees nicer, younger skin that feels less tight.

5. You forget to remove make-up before drifting to sleep!

There’s a deadly skin-care sin that, we guess, everyone is aware of. It’s a pity so many girls still skip make-up removal before sleep. This leads them to wrinkles, acne breakouts, redness and irritations. The skin repairs at night so it can’t bounce back if it’s covered in make-up and dirt. In turn, you get congested skin pores, inflammation and other things you hate. Follow our simple piece of advice: no matter how wrecked you are, spare a moment and reach for a remover or oil to take make-up off.

6. You don’t use any intensive-care products like serum.

People reach for advanced products way too late… So you think your skin is in great condition? Unfortunately, the first skin-aging processes start off in the dermis – the level of hyaluronic acid drops, the production of collagen and elastin diminishes, the face lines appear.

You can avoid the premature signs of aging by choosing a face serum enriched with HA for hydration boost, vitamin C for the glow and younger-looking face or retinol for cell repair. The best serum is able to deliver the essential ingredients into the dermis, allowing the skin to stay flawless and youthful for longer.

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