Applying mascara step by step: a recipe for the out-of-this-world lashes!

You reach out for your mascara, glide the brush through the lashes and… flop! The mascara isn’t always the wrongdoer. You might be using the wrong technique of applying make-up. And this is the focus of today’s post. Let me lead you step by step so you can apply mascara like a pro!

If you think that two brushstrokes are enough to magic up the stunning lashes, you are wrong! Even the best and the priciest mascara won’t show its full potential if you use it incorrectly. That is why you need to learn the basics and know how to do it right.

Prepping lashes for make-up

You should prep the lashes for make-up just like you prime the face. In exchange they will be soft, full-looking and super long. Even a thin coating of mascara will make them look their best. Make-up won’t be the form of camouflage of imperfections but the enhancement of the natural beauty.

The best and simplest lash remedies:

  • castor oil lash treatment (apply the oil every day after makeup removal using a clean mascara wand).
  • eyelash growth serum (ideally lightweight serum with the best ingredients and a very convenient applicator).

TRICK! Before reaching out for a mascara, sprinkle the lashes with some translucent powder. By doing so, the mascara will boost their volume and the effect will be bolder.

Applying mascara like a pro: must-haves

All of you thinking that mascara is the only thing that you need are wrong. Here’s a list of things you must have to create the out-of-this-world lashes. It will be easier if you make use of:

  • mascara with a good lash-separating brush.
  • a rubber curler which doesn’t cause lash damage.
  • a comb to brush the lashes after applying mascara.

How to apply mascara step by step?


Firstly, use a curler, holding the lashes between the clamps and gently squeezing. This way you make the lashes look way better and lifted to the sky. Once you apply the mascara the effect will be bolder so they will look longer without fake extensions.


Take the wand out of the tube and apply the product but don’t use the usual technique. You should do it using the zig-zag motion moving from the roots to the tips and to both sides. This technique gives the best effects, evenly distributes the product and makes lashes way thicker.


Don’t skip the corner lashes! Take the wand out of the tube, remove the excess of mascara and apply the product to short corner lashes. How? Use the tip of the brush to reach the shortest hairs.


Finally, comb out the lashes. A quality mascara should have a good applicator which doesn’t leave them clumpy and gives the natural-looking long lashes. Still, there’s no harm in combing the lashes to get rid of the product excess or clumps that might have been formed. This simple thing will help you get the maximum lash volume.

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