Lashcode – meet the make-up star!

great mascara - LashcodeThere are no bad mascaras, there are only those that require… perfecting. If you expect precision, satisfactory results and a product that you can count on with every use – choose the mascara that thousands of women fell in love with. Lashcode is definitely a make-up star. It complements every make-up in a way that will never leave you disappointed. Do you want to make your eyelashes beautiful? Then you will fall in love with Lashcode!

Lashcode – the best mascara according to reviews

Lashcode very quickly conquered the hearts of women and gained positive opinions as a product with excellent composition and effects in make-up. No wonder that it is frequently compared with prestigious mascaras. It is on top of rankings and overtakes even world-class cosmetic brands. The conclusion is one: Lashcode is like a Mercedes among other mascaras.

Lashcode – the best mascara with the best composition

A mascara that nourishes and stimulates the growth of eyelashes? That’s exactly how Lashcode works – a mascara that takes care of your small hairs. How is it possible?

The composition of Lashcode includes plant extracts and strong nutrients: it is a real beauty cocktail: everything for our healthy, strong and well-groomed lashes. Even the black pigment used in the mascara is designed to nourish and strengthen the hair. Thanks to this, Lashcode nourishes and protects the lashes every time you have your make-up on. Which nutrients does it contain? The list of ingredients include natural soy germ and wheat germ extracts, Baicalein – skullcap root extract, panthenol and vitamin E. Each of these substances plays an important role in eyelash regeneration and improves their appearance also stimulating their growth. The mineral pigment gives the colour but also protects the hair from damage and excessive drying.

Lashcode – effects in make-up

Obviously, Lashcode impresses with its nurturing properties but also with the formula. Thanks to this mascara you can achieve different effects in make-up – from a delicate and subtle look, through more romantic and feminine, to a sexy evening make-up. The formula does not stick the lashes together and allows you to intensify the effect with every subsequent layer. Its another advantage is durability. Lashcode does not flake off nor smudge. Your make-up lasts many hours without any touch-ups.

Lashcode – mascara with the best brush

Lashcode is equipped with a precise brush. It has a very good shape, it makes it easy to reach even the shortest hairs. Thanks to this, the whole eyelash line is emphasized and we gain the desired effect of a million lashes.

The brush is hygienic and made of silicone so that it’s extremely easy to apply the right amount of formula. It also speeds up our make-up leaving it beautiful and clean. This is a brush that lengthens, thickens, curls and adds volume with the first layer of mascara.

Lashcode means flawless make-up and amazing eyelashes from the very first brush stroke. Your eyelashes not only look good but they definitely ‘feel’ good when coated in the formula that also nourishes them.

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