Get a snow-white smile! How to keep teeth white and healthy?

Regrettably, some of us can’t boast about naturally white teeth. Sometimes we need to put a lot of effort to get a snow-white smile, especially when we feel like using a red lipstick (which makes all flaws more visible…). How to care for teeth to keep them white?

White teeth is the most flattering facial feature. We feel more self-confident when we can show off a set of white and (the most important) healthy teeth. There are lots of remedies and they are not at all tricky or challenging. We just need to remember about a couple of simple rules for keeping the whiteness!

Are you sure you’re brushing your teeth the right way?

First things first. It turns out that many people don’t brush their teeth properly. We do it in a rush, carelessly, using a brush that should be thrown out long time ago. Dreaming of a Hollywood smile? Change your habits!

A toothbrush is the key thing which should have the proper softness to clean the teeth without causing damage to enamel. A single brushing routine should last at least 2 minutes, and must be repeated at least twice a day. We should use circular motions sweeping away the impurities, and never press the toothbrush too hard.

If you want to be sure that you brush the teeth the right way so they can keep white, use specially designed tablets. This clever trick lets you see the spots missed while brushing.

Mouthwash for healthy, white teeth

Mouth-rinsing right after brushing is another brilliant way of making teeth whiter. A quality oral hygiene wash prevents the recurrence of bacterial plaque, extends the feeling of freshness, as well as strengthens the enamel. Some mouth rinses additionally contain whitening ingredients. To make the products work, you need to rinse the mouth for at least 30 seconds.

Secret to white teeth? Give up on cigarettes!

Smoking is the most common cause of teeth looking worse. Tar included in cigarette smoke stains the teeth. You can easily recognize habitual smoker by yellowish teeth (and nails).

What’s important, e-cigarettes aren’t good for teeth either. They contain tobacco which leads to vitamin C deficits, as well as other harmful substances which weaken the teeth and may increase risk of tooth decay.

Teeth-friendly xylitol sweets?

We’ve been scared and warned against sweets because of their effect on the health of teeth. The wrongdoer that causes tooth decay is sugar which weakens the enamel and may even indirectly affect the color of teeth. Should we give up on sweets then?

Surprisingly, sweets prove to be teeth whiteners as well! You just need to pick products with a natural sweetener e.g. xylitol. This is birch sugar which restores pH balance in the mouth and blocks the proliferation of bacteria. That’s why xylitol sweets are teeth-friendly!

A healthy diet. Does it help whiten the teeth?

What we eat does have an impact on how teeth look. Some foods have a whitening effect! One of the best tips for making teeth whiter is using a… banana peel! Rub them with the peel to restore whiteness.

What else should you add to your diet to enchant with a snow-white smile?

  • Pineapples rich in bromelain, that is a natural enzyme removing stains.
  • Strawberries including acid included in whitening toothpastes.
  • Apples abounding in brightening acids.
  • Raw cauliflower acting as a natural abrasive agent.

Professional teeth whitening

Is there anything else we can do to have an endearing snow-white smile? You can entrust your teeth to professionals in a dentist clinic or use specially designed products.

If a banana peel fails, test a whitening paste or strips. Black toothpastes with activated charcoal are very hot these days. You can also test whitening gel trays that you wear for 10-20 minutes every day.

And the last resort! Pro methods performed by a dentist, e.g. sandblasting. It’s an amazing choice even if your teeth are too close together or you wear braces and find it hard to thoroughly brush the teeth.

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