Effortless Hair Curls with Revlon

What do you have to do in order to curl your hair perfectly? Do you apply all various kinds of curlers and curling pins, wear them all night to wake up with neck pain yet with a nice looking hairdo? If curling your hair consumes most of your precious time and is difficult for you, it is high time to change this. From now on, hair curling will bring nothing less than satisfaction and pleasure. How? Thanks to Heated Rollers by Revlon.

Effortless Hair Curls with RevlonWhat are Heated Rollers?

Heated Rollers are a kind of a basic hairdresser’s hair styling accessories. Obviously, such an equipment is widely available at the market and does not require having any specialistic knowledge to use it safely at home. Moreover, Heated Rollers were designed to make hair curling process the easiest possible while obtaining outstanding effects. All curl-lovers are gifted by Revlon with two sets of Heated Rollers. The first one contains five rollers of 1,50 inches diameter that go with five pins. The power of the rollers equals 200 watts. The second set contains 20 Heated Rollers of three various sizes covered with velour. The set goes with 20 pins. Moreover, the set has temperature indicator and is powered by 300 watts.

How to use Heated Rollers?

Wait a while till the Heated Rollers get heated up in a special charger. Next, the rollers have to be put on strands. The application resembles rolling hair around regular rollers, yet this time we have to support the accessories with the pins (attached to each set). The good news is that we do not have to hold the rollers long since they get heated up really fast which shortens time of setting the hairdo. If you are concerned about how your hair is going to deal with high temperature, you can always apply a product of heat protection features. After taking off the rollers, apply a hairspray to fix the curls or put on a moisturizing cosmetic that will close hair cuticles, smooth your new hairdo and gift it with gloss. Take care of your hair ends too – coat them with a special protective hair care product.

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