5 MISTAKES that encourage makeup to fade

Good makeup isn’t only supposed to enhance our beauty and cover imperfections up – the long-wear also matters. How to prevent eye shadows from dusting your cheeks, lipstick from smudging and eyelashes from losing their volume?

Instead of analyzing what we should do, let’s focus on what we should steer clear from – it’d be shorter then, so it’ll be easier to memorize. Learn the mistakes that we frequently make when applying color cosmetics that result in makeup fading. If you learn them and don’t make any of the below mistakes, you can be sure that your next makeup will be stunning and long-wearing.


Check whether the below list contains some of your habits. Sometimes the mistakes we make originate from our unawareness, yet they have an immense influence on the makeup. Here are the common mistakes made while doing makeup.

1. You start applying makeup before letting cream/serum penetrate fully

The internet is full of pieces of advice but sadly not all of them are worth following. One of such tips having virtual influence on the makeup wear is the suggestion to apply a regular face cream prior to doing makeup, or in other words, to use a regular face cream as a makeup base.

The truth is that treating skin with a cream, serum or natural oil prior to doing makeup promotes smoothness, improves moisture and prepares skin for the color cosmetics. No doubts about it. However, if you apply a foundation too soon, right after applying a cream, then it will smudge and have a problem with melting into skin. Then, no long-wear should be expected.

Advice? Wait a few minutes until a face cream absorbs fully. Only then should you follow with applying makeup.

2. You use cosmetics that don’t correspond to your skin type

It goes without saying that beauty products must match skin type. This is a rule that everybody should memorize. However, not everyone is aware of the fact that this principle also applies to colour cosmetics.

Take dry skin, for example. You shouldn’t use a mattifying foundation because it works better for oily skin (it’s supposed to deal with T-zone problem). When it comes to super oily skin, go for the products that are water-resistant so as to prevent them from smudging throughout a day.

3. You apply too thick layers of cosmetics

A minimalist approach is a thing – also when it comes to makeup. Thus, slathering face with a colour cosmetic is a really bad idea.

Smudging foundation that gathers in creases. Lash-clumping mascara coats. Eye shadows that dust the cheeks and leave unaesthetic marks all around the eyes. These are the effects of applying too much product. In this case, less is more.

What should you do? Replace your average cosmetics with the top rated ones, which provide high coverage. In this way, you will be able to apply less of them and still achieve the same effect. This allows you to leave your skin light. Also, you won’t create the mask effect.

4. You use cosmetics of doubtful quality

Some mistakes overlap. The fact that makeup is uneven and creates smudges is the consequence of applying too much of it (as mentioned earlier), and this in turn has its core in poor coverage because the quality is poor. This is a simple relationship that negatively influences the makeup wear.

Try to buy only high quality makeup products, of recommended brands that take care of the quality of ingredients they use in their colour cosmetics. Ask around to learn which makeup products are worth your money.

P.S. Sometimes buying a more expensive product pays off – such cosmetic is more efficient,  so you use less of it which means that you will use it longer.

5. You keep touching the face

And this is another mistake you may make and which results in fast-vanishing foundation and smudging mascara coats. You keep touching your face constantly. Think for a while whether you do this unconsciously.

Even the most durable cosmetics and most thoroughly done makeup won’t endure if you keep scratching the face, rub it or touch it. All the cosmetics will be wiped off so all your imperfections that you wanted to cover up will be on display again.

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